All my art from mom and dad’s house    
Mixed media installation                    
2 images

10 components (clockwise from bottom right corner)
, 1978, Pine
Hell Gate, 2008, Burned apple wood, mirror, birch plywood
Waiting for you, 2005, One year of dust from under artist’s bed, glass, brass
Theo, 1983, Oil paint on canvas
Dream, 1984, Redwood, steel, hair
Edgewise, 2005, Mirror, glass
Self-portrait, 1981, Pastel on paper
Sculpture, 1974, Glazed ceramic
My famley, 1972, Pencil, pen, crayon on paper
Theo’s desk lamp with paper cut-out “DEATH”, 1974
Sketch for Halloween window painting contest, 1975, Pencil on paper